What is an ABF?

ABF is simply an acronym for Adult Bible Fellowship. 

You might think of an ABF as "Sunday School and more for adults!" Like many churches, we offer a Sunday School program for children, teens, and adults. We gather together for "Sunday School" in rooms throughout our church building from 5:00-6:00 on Sunday evenings (with the exception of our Ambassadors (Senior Citizens) ABF, which meets at 9:15 on Sunday mornings).

Sunday School is a great way for one to be instructed from the Bible and about the Bible, which is something that we all need--from early childhood right on through the "golden years." We're never too old to learn (or re-learn!) truth from the Word of God.

What is the function of an ABF?

Our Adult Bible Fellowships include Sunday School, but they are much more than just Sunday School.

Adult Bible Fellowships are designed to help adults build relationships and experience true Christian fellowship in a caring environment as we seek to apply the truth of God's Word to our everyday lives. Most of us experience camaraderie with others based on common interests (work, sports, hobbies, etc.). True Christian fellowship centers on Jesus Christ and the spiritual blessings that believers have in Him. As we study the Bible to learn how to strengthen our own personal relationship with Jesus Christ, we, at the same time, build loving relationships with others within the body of Christ--the church.

Through our Adult Bible Fellowships we seek to foster the ongoing development of a network of smaller "care groups" made up of people who are actively involved in the lives of others--praying with and for them, and helping to meet each other's needs.

What happens outside of class?

Each of our Adult Bible Fellowships plans a number of activities throughout the course of the year. These often revolve around food, fun, and fellowship. These fellowship activities help us to build loving relationships, and they provide a great opportunity for us to invite other friends and family members to come and witness true Christian fellowship in action. 

If you are looking for a place where you can join other adults in studying and applying the Bible, and also enjoy Christian fellowship, then come and check out one of our Adult Bible Fellowships this Sunday!