Dr. Juan Moreno

Senior Pastor

"Welcome to our site! I am so glad that you are here. Take a look around to learn more about who we are as a church, our mission and vision for Christ, as well as information about our events, minstries, and beliefs. We welcome you to come visit our church! If you have any questions at all, I would love to connect with you!"

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  1. Established in 1904
  2. 1971- Moved to present location
  3. 1989- Added gymnasium facility
  4. 2002- Added Educational Wing and established Lake Orion Baptist School
  5. 2012- Renovated auditorium

The concept of "church" in our modern American culture has undergone an unfortunate evolution from one of "the people of God meeting and functioning together in a set location for the purpose of making God's name known" to "a group of people getting together to be entertained and have their guilt appeased by having simply attended."  While these characterizations may seem basic, crude, and stereotypical, they are, nonetheless, generally representative of the cultural shift in perspective regarding "church."  At First Baptist Church of Lake Orion, we unashamedly exist to glorify God by making and maturing disciples who are becoming more like Jesus Christ.  We meet and function together for that purpose, realizing our human deficiencies and depending on God's grace to accomplish this purpose in and through us.  Our ministry is both Word-centered and family-oriented: Word-centered in that God's Word, the Bible, is our rule of faith and practice and we endeavor to accurately and deliberately discern and proclaim the truth contained in its pages; family-oriented in that we recognize the family to be the God-ordained building block of society, both within the church and in the world, and implement classes and programs that help meet family needs of community, faith, instruction, and support. 


First Baptist Church has been a part of the Lake Orion community since 1904.  Though baptist by conviction and practice, we are an autonomous, independent church, not governed by or affiliated with any denomination or church association.  By God's grace, we continue to meet the challenges of a changing culture with the unchanging truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.