Sundays in June

The following four electives will be offered during the Adult Bible Fellowship time 9:20 am- 10:10 am. 


When God Says No: Trusting God When Our Heart's Desires are Met with Hardship

Taught by Aaron Moore (Rooms 109 & 111)

Life is full of disappointments.  We pray earnestly for healing, employment, relationships, and provision, but we find ourselves still finding that the answer is no.  This class will look into a theological and practical approach to trusting God when it looks like he isn't listening to us.

An Introduction to Islam

Taught by James Moreno (Rooms 106 & 108)

What is Islam and what do Muslims believe?  What are helpful and harmful ways to interact with Muslims?  What does Islam teach about Jesus and Allah?  This series will examine these questions and more.  We'll explore the history of the Islamic faith including the life and teachings of Muhammad.  We will also cover the Five Pillars of Islam as well as the nature and origin of the Qur'an.  Ultimately, Muslims need the Gospel, and understanding the Islamic worldview can provide us background and context as we share Christ.

Going on the Offensive: A Practical Approach to Evangelism

Taught by Zachary Moore (Rooms 102 & 104)

In a world that constantly attacks Christianity, believers find themselves on the defensive.  While defending the faith and the gospel is part of evangelism, Christians are also called "to go on the offense" and take the gospel to the world.  This class will focus on equipping the believer to take the gospel witness to family, friends, and coworkers.

A Study in Colossians

Taught by Pastor Steve Sanders (Room 110 & 112)

What concerns motivated "Pastor Epaphras" to travel over 1000 miles from Colosse to Rome to visit the apostle Paul in prison? Paul's letter to the Colossian church, a church that he had never personally visited, reveals God's answers to Epaphras' desires to shepherd the church in the face of heresies from false teachers.  We'll take a four-week journey through the epistle, summarizing the key points to Paul's defense of the faith through his exaltation of Christ, and his encouragement to fellow believers to continue to put off their former way of thinking and living as they pursue putting on Christ!