Discipleship ABF Class

General Age Group: 40's & 50's (meets at 4:30pm on Sunday)

The Discipleship Class is taught by Pastor Tony Bryson, and exists to exhort one another to love God wholly, to know Him intimately, and to serve Him faithfully; encouraging the men, women, and children of our fellowship to grow in maturity and ministry to our Lord. 

Our class is comprised of families with parents in their 40's and 50's, many of whom have older children. We get to know each other through our class fellowships and various ministry opportunities. 

Our class times are informal and interactive, with much class participation. Class topics have included: parenting (with case studies), personal finances, and a study of God's providence in determining God's will for our lives. We also enjoy book studies such as our past studies in Titus and Philemon. 

All in all, we are families growing and ministering together. Please visit with us and join in the fellowship!