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Whatever the reason that you are here, we welcome you and trust that we will be able to be of help!  Make yourself at home on our user-friendly site. If you get to where you just want to talk to a real person to satisfy your curiosity or to get your questions answered, click on the Contact Us tab at the top of the Home page and feel free to give us a call.  In any case, we welcome you to First Baptist Church of Lake Orion!


First Baptist Church of Lake Orion exists to make God's name known in honor and glory by making and maturing disciples who are becoming more like Jesus Christ.  We are a Bible-centered ministry committed to teaching God's Word accurately, and then applying that truth obediently.

Current Sermon Series

In the Gospel of John, Jesus is shown to be Deity, God Himself, fully divine and fully human.  What does Jesus say about himself?  Who does He say He is?  What does it mean?  And why does it matter?

Listen to the most recent message in this series by clicking on the "Listen Now" button below, or by clicking on the "I AM" image.  To listen to other messages in this series, go to our Sermon Archives.  May you be blessed by the truth of God's Word!


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255 E. Scripps Rd.

Lake Orion, MI 48360

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