God's Word Is Enough!

Psalm 19

Walking in Integrity

Dealing with Distress

In Psalm 86, David prays to God for deliverance in the midst of distress and danger. He does so with a sense of urgency, approaching God with no less than fourteen requests. David bases his requests on his covenant relationship with God. His approach is an example for us to emulate. What do you consider distressing and how much distress is necessary before you ask for help? What do you do to relieve your distress or to remove the trouble? Should relief or removal even be the goal?

2014 Praise Service

Consider Compassion

Doing right in the case of our attitude and approach to these discernibly unbiblical movements and practices involves exercising compassion for the spiritual plight of those involved. Why? Because they, like us, are equally God’s image-bearers, marred by sin and destined for hell if not for the Holy Spirit’s intervention. Are we willing to consider that our Spirit-filled attitudes and actions might be part of that intervention? Or that our fleshly/selfish attitudes and actions might be a hindrance, grieving the Spirit? These are hard things to consider because it is just plain easier to come to a biblically right position, or to biblically identify a problem, than it is to then be used by the Spirit of God to also be part of the solution. It’s just easier, perhaps, to be like Jonah: not wanting people to respond to God’s compassionate message of mercy because you want them to experience God’s judgment; because, after all, that’s what they deserve! The brute fact of the matter is, so do you, and so do I!

My Help Comes from the Lord