Celebrating Liberty

Dealing with Distress

In Psalm 86, David prays to God for deliverance in the midst of distress and danger. He does so with a sense of urgency, approaching God with no less than fourteen requests. David bases his requests on his covenant relationship with God. His approach is an example for us to emulate. What do you consider distressing and how much distress is necessary before you ask for help? What do you do to relieve your distress or to remove the trouble? Should relief or removal even be the goal?

Paul makes some impossible statements that we know that are impossible for us to accomplish without the help of God.

Paul uses the analogy of a Mother and Father to show his affection and concern for the Church in Thessalonica, This serves as an example to us of the motherly and fatherly affection we must demonstrate to one another especially during the times of great trials

One of our church members and member of our Deacon Board, Doug Verley, gives first-hand testimony of his attendance as an observer at the Boston Marathon at which terrorist bombs were detonated.