First Baptist Church, Lake Orion is greatly committed to the great commission of preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ both at home and abroad.  As such, we prayerfully and financially support dozens of missionaries and missions efforts.

One of our missionary families sent from our church, The Moores, have a regularly updated newsletter that you are welcome to access at the following link:



We are still in the process of putting together a specifically informative page on this website dedicated to our missionaries and missions projects.  Please check back in the near future!

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"I AM . . . The Light of the World" -- Part 1

From the slanderous accusations to the murderous actions, in this chapter we witness opposition towards Jesus at its height. And yet, the most shocking part is that the people with curses on their tongues, and hatred in their hearts are the very ones who had "believed" in Jesus! In this section we witness Jesus, the Light of the World, surface the vital distinction between faith that is genuine, and faith that is phony.

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