General Age Group: 60's & Up!


The Ambassador class is led by Bob Moore and is comprised of both singles and couples, most of whom are nearing or have reached retirement. Rather than decreasing our activity and "phasing out" of ministries, those in the Ambassador class realize our role of promoting the ministry of First Baptist Church and to grow personally in our walk with the Lord. 

In our class we systematically study various books of the Bible, Bible characters, and discipleship books. The members of the class demonstrate a deep concern for meeting the needs of those in the class, as well as the needs of those throughout the church. We participate in activities and trips with the Golden Heirs (First Baptist's senior citizens' activity group). We also have periodic class activities where we can fellowship with each other. 

If you would like to fellowship with a group of growing Christians who understand that retirement can give increased opportunity for ministry, we invite you to join us.

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"I AM . . . The Light of the World" -- Part 1

From the slanderous accusations to the murderous actions, in this chapter we witness opposition towards Jesus at its height. And yet, the most shocking part is that the people with curses on their tongues, and hatred in their hearts are the very ones who had "believed" in Jesus! In this section we witness Jesus, the Light of the World, surface the vital distinction between faith that is genuine, and faith that is phony.

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