The music program at First Baptist Church of Lake Orion exists to equip disciples to glorify our Lord with song. Our program is a training ground for service in local church music ministry. Because of that focus, we seek to give opportunities to gifted musicians to proclaim God's truth through music.

At the center of our music program is a choir supported by an orchestra of brass, wind, string, and percussion instruments. From these two main groups we draw many vocal and instrumental ensembles that provide special music for our church. 

In addition to participating in our weekly worship services, the members of our music program participate in special events held by our church.


Our Philosophy of Music

Paul's prayer for the Philippian believers was for increased love, knowledge, and discernment. This prayer request is for the ability to persevere in the Christian walk, distinguishing what is best. Since we are seeking to apply biblical principles to every area of life, this will include music. The result is a philosophy of music that goes against popular culture.

For the Christian, all things are becoming new. Old things, the former sinful lifestyle, are passed away. The Lord, in Psalm 40, has brought David out of the pit of destruction and the muddy mire, and has set his feet on a rock making his footsteps firm. The testimony of a saved man is this new way of living. He is a new creature with a new song. This different song is the gift of praise to God; it is a distinct song in character and quality. Because God's holiness demands separation from the world, we believe that today's popular music cannot be sanctified for spiritual purposes. We believe that rock, contemporary Christian, and the various genres employed by popular culture are harmful for the spiritual life of the believer. All of the music used here will be distinct from these genres--undertaken enthusiastically for the Lord. The dynamic worship here should reflect well on our great God

Sample some of the music that we believe is God-honoring by clicking on the links to the right. Contact us if you would like some more info regarding our Music Ministry.


Choir & Orchestra

Our music ministry provides two main service opportunities. First, the adult choir seeks to be involved in the discipleship process by "teaching and admonishing"spiritual truthsthrough the vehicle of vocal music. We have about 55 church members who sacrifice time for the good of music ministry in our worship services. 

Second, the orchestra is an important group of string, wind, brass, and percussionists who look for opportunities to proclaim truth through accompaniment and special music. We have about 35 members who are dedicated to the task of instrumental music ministry. 

These groups are open to church members who are gifted in the area of music, complete the CLASS seminars, and are able to minister during rehearsal and the worship services.


Children's Choir

We give our first through sixth graders an opportunity to be involved in the music ministry through our Children's Choirs. We meet weekly to learn about how we can glorify our God through music. The students are exposed to the chances they have to serve God in the church through music; our primary goal is to teach them spiritual truths using music. What is "learned through song is remembered long!" The secondary goals are music literacy and learning good vocal technique that they may apply the things learned in the worship service.

We enjoy working with these students. The group has been able to sing in our services, minister during our special events, and memorize some of our great hymns of the faith. The result has been a positive influence toward growth in Christ for the sake of our Lord's name.

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